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3 Things You Learn When Your Dad Owns a Vacuum Store:

#1) You have two ears and one mouth for a reason.

Listening is twice as important as talking.  My job is to listen to you so that I can help you find the best solution for your individual needs.  Every person through my door is an opportunity to learn and serve.  And that’s the top priority.

#2). “Sales” is simply a series of suggestions.

If I’ve done my job well, then it shouldn’t be a matter of tricky landguage or closing tactics that lead to a purchae.  The goal is to identify which solution is the best fit for you.  I am simply the guide to your best choices.  The decision is yours.

#3) The little things are the big things.

It’s pretty obvious that you should get the big things right.  But more often than not, its the small acts of service that count the most in the end.  So we’re committed to the details.  It saves you time and money.  And it proves that we’re focused on serving you well, long term.


We sell new & used

We carry a great selection of new Vacuum Cleaners.  We also have varying units of used vacuums available.  One of our best tips is to get yourself a NEW vacuum and gift the “old” to your adult children.  Yes, they can be in great shape for a long time!

We service all models

We sell bagged vacuums.  However, we have the ability and expertise to service ALL models, whether bagless or bagged.  We prefer you bring in the vacuum without dismantling it first- we can do all the work needed.

Vacuum Experts

Yes, there is such a thing.  We not only have the tools and skill to fix your vacuum, but we have encountered every issue under the sun.  We know vacuums in and out…and we know how to point you to just the right one for your needs.  

Our Team


Trevor Hanson



Sales & Service Manager


Sales Manager, Marshall


over 28 years of service


13,000 products sold


150,000 vacuums serviced

Bagged Vacuums Are Better


Cost Effectiveness

Replacement bags cost less than replacement filters.

Cleaning Power

No vacuum “loses” suction.  When the bags/filters become full, airflow is restricted.  Airflow is as importanto or more inmportant to a vacuum’s ability to deep clean.

Dust Particle Filtration

The same filter media used to make vacuum bags is used to make N95 masks.


Frequently Asked Questions

You have Q’s, we have A’s:

Do I need a HEPA filter?

If you suffer from allergies HEPA filtration is recommended. More importantly SEALED HEPA. It doesn’t matter how good the filtration is if allergens can escape around it. 

Are vacuum cleaners with dust bags better for allergy sufferers?

There are a number of factors that go into that. With that said allergy sufferers will almost always benefit by having a bagged vacuum. 

How much do your vacuums cost?

We sell vacuums that range in price from $200 – $900. Our average priced vacuum we sell is $600

How often do I change the vacuum bag?

How often should I vacuum my home?

There are many factors that determine that. however I don’t think you can overdo it. At Least 1 time a week for the average home. 

Is suction the most important part of a vacuum?

Suction is important, but not the “most” important. Deep cleaning requires 3 things, suction, airflow and agitation and all 3 are equally as important.

“The customer service is top notch.  I actually enjoy buying vacuums and since they are so well built, I have multiple vacuums hahaha.  I have multiple locations and I wouldn’t even think about getting a cheapie to get by, there’s nothing like a Riccar!  Thanks Trevor and staff for always having what I need on hand!”

Janet Whetston

Owner, The Abode Salon & Spa

“Quality products you won’t find in the big box stores!  You get personal service with a staff that know and back their products!  Thanks AB Vacuum!”

Kent Bergh

“I am cleaning a business using a now almost 2 year old Riccar vacuum.  Every day I vacuum for over an hour straight, 7 times a week.  The vac is wonderful!  I love having the attachments handy.  Light weight and comfortable to use.   Whenever I go into the store in Willmar, you could not find nicer people anywhere.”

Dianne Robison


AB Vacuum Willmar